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Making a successful placement requires the right fit.  In order to help you find the right fit, we need to know you, and that is where our process starts.  Through a series of meetings and an exchange of information, we listen and partner with you to identify your unique strengths, interests and career aspirations.
Armed with this information, we provide you with an in depth assessment of the Texas market and your search options.   We create and implement a search plan, providing expertise and advice along the way on matters such as resume content, submission letters, interview preparation, and how to resign from your current position.


"Mardy Sackley leveraged her significant legal and recruiting experience to find the best opportunity for me despite a challenging legal market. She assisted with every step of the process, from targeting the right firms, to finalizing my resume and deal sheet to guiding me through the interview and offer process. Her help was truly invaluable and directly led to my offer from one of the best firms in the country. I couldn’t be happier with the results and strongly recommend Mardy to any lawyer who is searching for the perfect career fit."
"Searching for and finding the right position with a new firm can be tremendously overwhelming, and I feel very fortunate to have had Sara’s guidance and support throughout this process. I came from out of town to search for positions, and Sara guided me through the interview process with expert knowledge of the legal market. Sara did an excellent job both finding positions that matched my criteria and helping me prepare to ace my interviews. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results."
"Sara is a best-in-market professional. Her knowledge of the Texas legal market is second to none. She is keenly focused on the needs of her clients and works to provide a well-rounded picture of potential opportunities. Whether in-house dept. looking to add to their team or attorney looking for a change, I highly recommend Sara."
"Sara made the process of relocating from New York to Dallas easy, offering great advice and preparation for my move. She was very personable and reached out to considerable contacts on my behalf. I couldn't be more pleased with the results!"